My BFF is suicidal

My best friend told me that she wants to kill herself! She even showed me a book about how she was going to do it! I told an adult right away! The said they were gonna get her help.

Before I told an adult I showed one of her friends...who ended up blabbing it to everyone. I feel really bad that everyone knows her business. She is mad at me because I told her I don’t really think she wants to kill herself.

I also told her that I think she is just trying to get a shoulder to cry on. I said I would always be there her I just don’t like the way she was asking me! Now what?


You did the right thing by telling an adult. Talk to your friend (the one who blabbed) about what she did and explain that you told her about your mutual friend’s problem in confidence (news flash: that means you thought she'd keep it a secret!). You might want to tell the blabber that you’ll have a hard time trusting her in the future, since she shared your friend’s very personal problem with so many people.

Next, explain to your best friend how sorry you are that it got out to so many people, but that you were just trying to get help. Try not to make her problems seem smaller or tell her that she doesn’t really want to kill herself. Even if you believe it’s true, such statements will hurt her and make her trust you less. Then, explain again that you’re always there for her, that you want to help her, and that you would be so incredibly sad if you ever lost her as a friend.

Suggest that whenever she gets depressed or feels suicidal again, that she call you, an adult she trusts, or a suicide hotline CLICK HERE for more information on help lines. That way, someone can help her talk through her problems and concerns and prevent anything dangerous from happening.

-Andie :)

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11/4/2009 7:00:00 AM