Ask Lucky: My BFF's new BF LIES!

My BFF has a new BF. I overheard him and his friends say they smoke pot. I told her, and she said I was just jealous.

The next day, he hit on me. He’s a great liar and has convinced my BFF I’ve made it up…and she believes that jerk!

Short of affixing a mini-spycam in your brooch, it could be difficult convincing your bud of her new boy’s wily ways. She’s probably so excited about having a BF that she’s missing the warning signs that he’s way less than perfect.  Sure, it stings that she trusts him over you. Still, put hurt feelings aside because concern for her is what’s important now. You have two options: 1) Run with the spy theme and develop an elaborate plot to catch him in the act, or 2) give your bud time to wise up—which is what I’d do. Sooner or later, she’ll catch on (or catch him). When this happens, restrain yourself from the “I told you so!” dance.

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11/10/2009 7:00:00 AM