When should I start shaving?

I was wondering—when should I start shaving my legs? I'm in sixth grade and most of the girls in my class have already started.

You can really notice a difference if you look at my legs. They really look hairy! I’m scared the girls in my class have noticed, because they might think I’m weird or something. Help!

Hey girly!

I remember being in the same sitch when I was in sixth grade. I REALLY wanted to shave my legs. So, I stole one of my mom’s razors and ended up cutting myself really bad. She told me I should have just asked and she would have told me what I needed. Sixth grade is a pretty average time for girls to start shaving their legs, but when to do it is totally up to you. If you think you'll feel less self-conscious, then you can start now.

The pros

Shaving gives you nice, smooth legs and I’ve heard some girls say it makes them feel cleaner. Shaving can also boost your confidence because you won’t be so worried what the other girls in your class think or if they're noticing that you're not shaving.

The cons

In order to keep your legs from getting too hairy, you’ve gotta shave at least twice a week. It’s not a huge pain, just something you have to get used to. Also, if you aren’t careful, you can get some major cuts from the razor.

What you'll need

You definitely want to have a razor with a flexible, pivoting head. These types of razors reduce nicks and cuts, leaving you with a lot less hassle. You’ll also want some shaving cream (some gals use soap and water, but it’s good to use cream for the first go 'round!). And it's best not to try to shave for the first time while you're showering.

What you'll do 

Run a bath or sit on the edge of the tub. Lather up your legs with the shaving cream and starting from your ankle, move the razor all the way up to your knee. You’ll probably need to rinse the shaving cream from the razor after this. Continue to do this for your whole leg, and then work from your knee up your thigh. You will be nick and cut free as long as you go slowly.

Remember the decision to shave your legs is a completely personal one. I know chicas who couldn’t care less about shaving (and they don’t) while others can’t go more than a few days without whipping out the razor. If you don’t feel ready to shave, that’s completely up to you. Do what makes you most comfortable!


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12/6/2009 7:00:00 AM