SOUND OFF: You Wrote It!


By Macie M.

Why are stories so enchanting?
Why do we become so drawn in?
It may be that they present us with what we cant explain.

Its a word on the tip of your toungue.
a thought on the edge of your mind,
but its a feeling at the core of your heart.

You cant describe it, or explain it
and you cant even begin to understand.
Its just simply there, and you crave more.

Why is music so intriguing?
Why do we become so enthralled?
It could be that the melodies speak louder than any language.

To compose it is to tell a story like no other.
Lyrics reach out and the message is clear.
or you may get a point across with no words at all.

You can create it, or take it in.
No matter what, it spreads magic to all it touches.
Its always present, a constant in an always changing world.

Why do we dream of things like this?
Why are we moved in such a way?
It must be that stories and songs are just the beginning.

Its a spark in your imagination.
Its the seed of every idea.
a single cell, one part of the whole design.

You can embrace it, or push it away.
No one can stop you, its your choice.
But it will always be nearby, waiting to take you to a world all your own.

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11/16/2007 6:01:42 PM
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