GL interns tell-all: "My Hilarious Holiday Mishap"

The holidays are a hectic time of year. And with all that running around, mortifying moments are bound to happen...a lot!
One li'l secret we'll let you in on? The embarrassing moments don't stop as you get older! Yep, even our interns have had a couple of seasonal snafus.
So, if you accidentally knock over Great Aunt Eunice's train village while you're Jingle Bell rockin' it out this year, just apologize profusely, laugh it off later on and know that everyone gets a huge case of the holiday ha-ha's.

One year I accidentally tripped and fell into my aunt's Christmas tree. I was mortified because three decorations broke. Luckily my fam was in a good mood from the holiday cheer so we all just laughed it off.

-Olivia Arrington

On Christmas Eve I was trying to be super-sneaky and went downstairs to put some presents under the tree for my fam to find. Well, I didn't turn the lights on because I thought I knew my way around. I got to the tree, but tripped over my slippered feet and my too-long bathrobe and fell into the tree. Somehow I managed to keep it upright, but a few branches smashed into my face. To make matters worse, my mom came downstairs to see what happened and just started laughing at me.

-Liz Lebedda

Last Christmas, my cat climbed our Christmas tree! Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the tree swaying back and forth, and then I realized it was because she was in it! She was scared to come out, and it took some convincing, but she finally let me grab her out of the tree. Thank goodness I got there when I did, otherwise I'm sure the tree would have completely fallen over! ...not to mention my cat would have been so scared!

-Claudia Notarangelo

One embarrassing that happens every Christmas is that my dad walks around with a video camera ALL DAY recording us opening presents, our Christmas dinner, EVERYTHING. He also goes around to different family members, sticks the camera in their face and asks them what their favorite thing about Christmas is. They just think it’s funny, but to me it’s so weird and awkward! I’m sure looking back on it will be funny one day, but for the time being, it's just embarrassing!

-Molly Crawford

Every Christmas morning, my mom makes us wait to open every gift so she can see what we got (which she bought, so she already knows) and see each of our reactions. It takes forever, especially when she then whips out her camera and spends way too long zooming the lens in and out to get the perfect angle. And, my sisters and I are less than thrilled about photo ops that early in the morning, but because it's the holidays we say cheese anyway!

BLOG IT OUT! Ever had a holiday mishap? Toppled over the tree in front of the fam? Kissed by a gross guy under the mistletoe? Dad put his Christmas morning pics of you in your PJs up in his office? Got frilly granny panties from your crazy aunt? Tell us now!


by Taeler Lottino | 2/1/2016
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