Fast Hair Fixers!

Need to add some luster to your locks?
Winter weather got your strands looking less than fab? 
Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered with some great new tricks that’ll save you time and make your hair shine in any sitch.

Gorgeous beyond words, girl!

The Trick: Use Your Flat-Iron for Touch-ups
Instead of going from curly to sleek by straightening your hair for hours, use your flat-iron in the a.m. to get rid of the last bit o’ wave.

The night before you want straight hair, shower and let hair air dry for a bit. When your hair is damp, apply a heat-protector. Blow-dry hair, brushing using a round brush as you go. When you wake up, use your flat-iron to smooth hair. So much quicker!

Bonus: It can create curls, too!

Don’t have a curling iron? Wind a section of hair around your flat iron and let the heat sink in for 15-20 seconds. When you let your hair go it’ll have a loose wave to it. Repeat until your whole head is done. Shake it out and hit it with hairspray.

The Trick: Nab Beachy Waves with Your Curling Iron
A curling iron doesn’t have to mean stiff pageant-girl curls. Here’s how to get everyday waves!

The trick to scoring loose curls? Get a curling iron with a 1.5 inch barrel. Only wrap the hair around the barrel—don’t clamp it. Avoiding curling all the way up to your roots. Once you’ve curled your entire head, shake out the curls and loosen with your fingers. Finish with hairspray.

Wanna wear your hair down? Pull locks into a low side ponytail and secure with an elastic.

Bonus: Go from waves to curls in an instant for a date!

Got wavy hair? The night before a big event, shower and let your hair air-dry until it’s damp. Then, apply mousse and twist it into 2-3 buns. Go to bed. When you wake up, undo the braid. Got some pieces that stayed flat? Twist your hair around the curling iron to create stunning ringlets. Then, use some anti-frizz serum on your whole head to kill flyaways. 

The Trick: Apply Moroccan Oil to Get Shiny Strands
Don't let glossy mean greasy. We'll show you how to shine the right way.

Moroccanoil Treatment, $39,

Some of you girlies were lucky enough to find this hot hair product in your stockings. Here’s how to use it!

This oil repairs damaged hair by renewing the cell structure in each strand. Massage your scalp and stands with this oil after you shower. Style as usual—this formula won’t build up or interfere with your other hair products. It’ll give your locks that glossy finish!

The Trick: Apply Smoothing Serum Before Blow-Drying to Knock Out Frizz
Can't seem to cut down on the fuzzies? A li'l dab of serum gets your coif sleek.

Frizzies can kill your hairstyle with that first flyaway. Smoothing serum adds a glossy sheen that will make your hair scream out in happiness.

When your strands are still damp, work a dab of the product throughout your hair. Then, dry hair. At the last second, turn your blow-dryer on cool to lock out frizz. Viola!

The Trick: Turn a Sporty Headband into a Retro-Cool Style
Sometimes your hair just won’t cooperate and that’s when we love to whip out an arsenal of headbands. Done right, a plain band can look super glam.

Vidal Sassoon Headwraps Headband, prices vary, Walmart stores

Take a dark cotton headband and place it more at the forefront of your forehead so it goes over by at least 1.5-2 inches. It should be covering your ears. Let your hair flow down from it freestyle. Finish the look with the Egyptian look and extend your eyeliner about a quarter of an inch past your lid. You’ll look chic—and it takes zero effort!


by Liz Roberts | 2/1/2016
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