Quiz - What’s your Cake Personality? Sponsored by Girl Gourmet®

You are what you eat. And, in this case, you’re a designer cake! But which kind? Are you a wildly decorated cake with tons of fun colors? Or the more the vanilla on vanilla type? Our quiz has your answer and will have your mouth watering!


You get a text from your crush asking what your plans are for the weekend? You…


You love to chat on IM after school and catch up with friends about the school day. Your buddy list can best be described as….


Your drama teacher thinks you have a knack for the theater and wants you to have a major role in school play. You…


Everyone is planning hitting up Starbucks after school, but you have a huge test first thing in the morning. You…


Your BFFs are sleeping over. When it comes time to settle down, everyone starts grabbing the best sleeping locales. You…