Quiz - Introducing the new book series Your Life, But

Are you adventurous? Ready to tackle any obstacle in front of you? Or are you more a play-it-safe chica? Backing off when things get rough?

Here’s your chance to find out! Your Life, But… books allow you to see just how you would act if you were the main character of a story.

Your Life, But Better (the first book in the series!) author Crystal Velasquez has written a quiz exclusively for GL readers! Read this scenario below and then discover how you’d handle it!
The Sitch

Break is coming up and your friend Arielle has invited you on an awesome ski weekend with her family.

Everything about it sounds really cool—that is until Arielle warns you about the possible dangers. (Hey, there’s a reason they have search-and-rescue teams standing by.)

You don’t want to let you BFF down, but, um, you could have sworn she said something about having to take a helicopter to the remote lodge where you’d be staying.

Since the trip is for beginners and a guide will be with you the whole time, your parents are OK with you going, but are you up for it? Take the answer these questions to reveal what YOU would do…

You and your girls are at an amusement park, and they seem to be heading straight for the haunted house. You…


Your bookshelves at home are full of…


When it comes to style…