Quiz - Is it like, lurve or love?

You scoped out a super-hottie, and now you’re flirtin’ up a storm. Yep, all signs show you’ll have an official BF before the start of summer. Or do they? Find out if you’re right on or way off when reading his signals. Then never wonder about a guy again.
By: Lisa Mulcahy

You're at the pool with Jon and drop a hint that you’re dying to see Iron Man 3. His reply?


There’s no milk for your little sister’s Crispix. Mom asks you to dash out in your cut-offs, ratty tee and mega-bed hair—and you run smack into your crush! How does he react to your not-so-yummy look?


Every time you and Sean hang out, his bud Danny is totally glued to you two. When you ask Sean what’s up with the third wheel, he says…


You know Kevin’s sister Kristy from cheerleading. After practice, you mention way casually, “Does Kev have a girlfriend?” What does Kristy say?


You're so busy scooping up your gear at day camp that you nearly miss the bus home. You rocket on board, and your dreamboat crush is heading for the last empty seat…until he notices you’re behind him. What does he do?


You e-mail Marc on a day you know he’s beached like a lazy tuna in front of his PC. How long does it take him to reply?


You run into Alex at the Good Humor truck. You two get Chocolate Eclairs and sit on the curb to chat. Just as you are about to regale him with a hilarious story about how someone dropped a Snickers in the pool earlier, Sabrina the super-flirt plants herself on the sidewalk and says, “Hey, Alex, I've been looking for you!” How does he deal?


Your birthday is in July. What do you think you’re gonna get from your crush?


Your motor-mouth cousin Cara is visiting. She’s hanging with you and your crush Michael and doesn’t shut up for a sec. Later on the phone, you say, “Sorry Cara chatters so much!” Michael’s response?


At the roller rink, you’re rocking out so hard to “Don't Stop The Party” by The Black Eyed Peas that you take a spectacular spill. What does your crush do?