Quiz - What's your secret learning style?

Your locker’s crammed with books and your planner’s packed with assignments—and school just started. So what’s the smartest way to fill your noggin without going into brain overload? Hint: Everyone absorbs info differently, so figure out your learning style by taking this quiz. Our personalized study pointers will have you sailing through the school year. By: Patricia McNamara

You wanna show off with a batch of not-from-the-box brownies at next week’s Save the Dolphins sweets sale, but baking’s not exactly your specialty. You… 


Your fam’s heading to Paris! Besides French class, how do you plan to perfect your language skills in time for the trip?


Dad’s driving ya to new bud Cassie’s house for a sleepover. How do you direct him there?


Your class is taking a trip to the aquarium. As soon as the group walks through the doors, you… 


Homecoming is almost here! When it’s time to dance, you will…


You’re giving a presentation on the Irish potato famine in history. To prep, you…


You just spotted an old friend whom you haven’t seen in ages. The first thing that jumps to your mind about her is…


It’s time to dissect a frog, and you need an A. With your lab partner by your side, what’s your plan?