Quiz - Do you make friends fast?

When it comes to making friends, are you a mate magnet—or do you put up a bud barrier? Take this quiz to find out!

You’re in gym with Teach tells ya to partner up for soccer drills. Only prob? None of your crew’s in the class. You…


You and your BFF have been inseparable since the day you met. What was the history-making moment like?


In a mad dash to make it to math before the bell, you left your textbook in your locker. Your no-funny-business beach will never give you a hall pass to get it. Your plan is to…


It’s homecoming, and you’d so rather be curled up in front of your TiVo catching up on Gossip Girl. But your bestie’s forcing you to make the scene with her and her date. While they slow dance, you


You had plans to meet your BFF at Shake Shack, but she’s running 15 minutes late. How do you pass the time?


Somehow, you get dragged to your dad’s work party. He introduces you to his boss’ son, who happens to be the shyest boy ever. What to do?


With the hectic frenzy you’ve totally lost touch with your friend from summer camp. How do you reconnect?


It’s your b-day bash and your oh-so-generous ‘rents are letting you plan a party – whatever you want. What’s your scene of choice?


It’s the first day of school and you’re abso-total-lutely lost. Maybe ya shouldn’t have skipped orientation. No matter, you…


You and your BFF have been wanting to try out for the musical and the auditions are tomorrow. Last minute, she gets cold feet and totally bails. You…