Quiz - How do you handle sticky sitches?

We all have moments when things don't go exactly how we had expected. Are you able to take the unexpected in stride and keep your cool or do you tend to, um, blow your lid? Take our quiz to find out!

1. The whole gang’s heading to Friday night’s basketball game. Slight problem: you’re grounded for flunking that history quiz. What do you do?


2. A long day calls for greasy grub at your fave diner. After an endless wait, your order for no-mustard sliders and an extra chunky banana shakes comes out all wrong. You…


3. A massive Shakespeare group project is due in English next week, and class slacker Sam isn’t pulling his weight. You…


4. You’re hosting a homecoming after-party at your place. When a girl from another school crashes your bash, then starts flirting with your crush, what do you do?


5. You’re packed and ready for a sleepover at Melania’s – until she calls and tells you she’s too sick to hang. Your response?


6. You’re up for class prez and spent hours creating a clever campaign motto. When you see that your rival Sophie, has a suspiciously similar slogan on her posters, you…


7. You’re cool with letting your lil sis borrow stuff until you find your fave white cardi wrinkled and stained in a heap on her floor. Your reaction?


8. The cast list for the fall play just went up, and you got a supporting role with a couple of juicy lines. Good or bad news?