Quiz - What's your decision-making move?

When the decision-making gets tough, are you the type of chica who carefully thinks things out or are you a girlie who prefers to go with her gut? Take this quiz to find your figure-things-out style, no matter what it may be!

1. Tennis camp’s in June this year, and you can’t wait to get out there and step up your serve speed. But your BFF Allie just invited you on her family’s Hawaii vacay that same week. She needs to know if you’ll go, like, now so her ‘rents can book the flights. You…


2. Nicole, the new girl on your swim team, has totally charmed everybody with her sugary-sweet personality. Still she gives you a bad vibe. Willing to hang with her anyway?


3. Your bestie Lane asks you to lend her a 20 for a “super-emergency.” She’s borrowed bucks without returning before, but this time she promises to pay you back. Now what?


4. You’re at the mall shopping for a dress to wear to the end-of the year formal. When you try on a grass green gown, it’s love at first sight. Only prob? Your bud Danielle deems the dress a “disaster.” You…


5. Tryouts for all-state band are days away. You should be tootin’ your flute like crazy but then your friend hones to say she’s headed to the basketball game since everybody’s there. What do you tell her?


6. You and your pal Paige get so caught up decorating the gym for the spring fling that you miss the last bus home. She suggests you walk back, but your ‘rents have made it clear you’re not allowed to book it on foot at night. How do you deal?


7. You’re at a party when Suzie’s older bro Charlie cozies up to you crew. He mentions that he and his buds are drinking beer out back and asks if you want to join them. Do you?