Quiz - Can your BFF truly count on you?

Think you’ve got your BFF’s back 24/7? Take this quiz to be sure she can depend on you in any sitch.

Jenna, the leader of the coolest clique in class, asks you and your new best girl Beth to a sleepover with her crew. Beth confides she doesn’t wanna go because she’s secretly afraid of the dark. When Jenna asks why Beth bagged, you say…


You were scopin’ the merch at Macy’s with Chelsea when you saw the most fab pink angora sweater on sale for just 30 bucks—but you only had $20 on you. Chelsea loaned you $10 so you could make it yours. You paid her back when?


Your BFF Sara is suffering a major math meltdown. Her average is in the basement. How do you help her deal?


Your bud Meghan has been crushing on class hottie Matt. Problem is, he’s never said a word to her—but he has been chatting you up big-time. Should you go there?


Katie saved for months to buy a pair of $140 jeans. Too bad they make her butt look wider than the big ol’ state of Kansas. “What do you think?” Katie chirps happily. You reply…


You and Carly have been planning an ice-skating outing for weeks. Just as you are about to leave, your BF calls with last-minute tix to an NBA game! What the heck do you do?


Your gal Alyssa calls you, crying hysterically. Her beloved cat Mr. Whiskers just died. You express sympathy by…


Grace, the most evil chick in your gym class, spreads an untrue rumor that your best pal Lindsay stuffs her bra. How do you help Lindsay deal?


What’s your secret strategy when buying the perfect birthday gift for your best bud?


Katie’s ’rents are letting her throw a Valentine’s party. As her BFF, how do you help out?