Quiz - Are you game for a summer fling?

That hottie is eyin’ you up at the pool, but you don’t know a thing about him. So do you make a move or let him slip away? Find out if you’ll be takin’ chances this summer…or crushin’ from afar.

You and your fam are spending a week at the beach, and every morning, you’ve gotten a sweet smile from the guy at the bakery when you go for breakfast. On the third day, you see him taking a break outside. What do you do?


It’s the first morning of camp, and a super-cute guy walks in right after you. You’ve never seen him before, so he must not be from your school. Should you go for it anyway?


On average, the amount of time that you date a guy for is:


You’ve been crushin’ on a hottie in your class for years, but he’s never noticed you. And suddenly, you’re gettin’ texts from another guy from school that you hadn’t even considered BF material. Should you give him a chance?


A new guy moved in down the street, and he asked you to show him around town. He almost made it sound like… a date. Do you go, or make an excuse to avoid it?


Your bestie wants to set you up with her BF’s cousin. He’s coming to visit next week, and she’s hoping you can all go on a double date. What do you say?


One of the guys from school asked your friend for your number. She wants to know if you’d like her to give it to him, since he kinda has a bad rep. Maybe he’s a sweetie at heart, though – will you take the chance and find out?


The most important thing you look for in a guy is:


Your fam spends most of every summer chillin’ at your beach house. So if you started dating the cutie you met there, what would you expect to happen at the end of the summer when you had to go back home?