Quiz - Are you the go-to girl?

Your BFF can rely on you for help, happiness and loyalty...right? Everyone tries to be an amazing friend, but are you the go-to girl? Take this quiz to find out. 

You’re intensely watching the newest episode of Riverdale when your girl Cate calls, crying her eyes out. She just found out she failed bio. What do you say to help her?


You and Ali are eating amaze burritos at Chipotle. As usual, she’s agonizing about how she wishes her crush Jacob would notice she’s alive. You...


After Nicole told you her parents were splitting up, she never said another word about it. As her BFF since forever, you want to make sure she’s OK. So you...


You’re hanging with one of your good friends Brittany when she blurts, “I kissed my sister’s crush, but I think it’s OK because they aren’t going out or anything.” What do you say?


Your bestie Emma is invited to dinner with her BF’s fam, and wants a pretty new dress. Once you guys hit the mall, what sartorial advice do you give her when she asks?


Your BFF Autumn has to have her appendix taken out. Autumn calls from the hospital, totally terrified. What do you say to reassure her?


Your bestie Kelly got caught dating a college freshman, and she’s grounded for the entire summer. How do you react to the news? You...


Samantha has a wardrobe malfunction at a packed pool party. Yep, her bikini top falls down. You...


Your friend Christy is a rockin’ tennis player, but she’s stressed ’cause she’s not getting along with her coach. She comes over to talk the problem through with you, but instead of getting to the point, she tells you zillions of details that don’t really matter. You don’t wanna be rude, but you just gotta say.…