Quiz - Are you a 'fraidy cat?

Fear is a universal emotion. Icky, true, but everybody’s afraid of something—heights, snakes, needles. But what if you’re scared of something a little harder to explain—like trying out for the school play? Did you know, you can have a fear of rejection? Or actually be scared of success? These are emotional fears, and they’re different than being scared of the dark. Emotional fears can keep you from achieving things. Take our quiz to find out what could be putting the brakes on you being your absolute all. Then take our solid advice on how to push past those demons and claim the great stuff you deserve.

Sean, the hottie who sits behind you in English, passes you a note inviting you to join him for cardboard pizza and chatting in the caf today. You’ve only been adoring him from afar for the past three years! You immediately feel:


Your tyrannical gym teacher announces that you’ll be climbing a 10-foot rope for quarter finals. You hate the thought of this because:


Your godmother takes you on a mega shopping spree for your birthday. At Express, she pulls this totally cute spaghetti-strapped tank dress off the rack and says how perfect it would look on you for the fall dance. You try it on and, when you catch your reflection in the mirror, you think:


Your folks are divorced. You live with your mom, and your dad lives miles away in another state. He calls you twice a week just to touch base. Whenever Dad calls:


Taylor has been your BFF since third grade, but lately she acts kind of distant—like canceling trips to the movies and not calling when she says she will. What’s running through your brain?


Your music teacher tells you he’d like you to audition for all-state chorus. How do you react to this big-time opportunity?


You arranged some flowers for your mom’s surprise birthday party. One of her friends was totally impressed and wants you to do centerpieces for her next party...for money! You worry that...


Your buds are urging you to run for student council. They think you’re smart and have a winning personality. They think you’ll win in a landslide! What are you thinking?


You shatter the school record for 100-yard butterfly! As you climb out of the pool to the sound of a cheering crowd, your brain keeps repeating, like a stuck CD: