Quiz - Are you a mean queen?

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Every school has it’s own “Regina George". You know, the girl that drops those eye rolls and throws mean girl comments left and right? She leaves people with their heads down as she walks through the halls, and has you crossing fingers you won't be the next victim of yet another mean girl attack. And while we are fans of the popular flick, being that girl is not cool. Take this quiz to make sure you're not a Regina George!


You’re second in the lunch line, and there’s only one more chocolate chip cookie left! You…


Kelly and Sarah are fighting because they bought the same prom dress. You…


This dude just dumped your best friend via text (ouch)! What do you do?


The new girl can’t find her next class. You…


You spot a guy stealing money from the teacher’s desk. You…


There’s writing on the bathroom wall and it says, “Brittany smells.” What do you do?


Your soccer team’s star forward tells you her shin guard ripped. You…