Quiz - What is your studying style?


With finals quickly approaching, it can be difficult to balance studying for five different tests. So if you've been finding yourself lost in the sea of studying techniques, take this test to find out which studying style will work best for you, that way you can ace your next test (eyes closed!).  


You’re already running late for school and you can’t find your keys anywhere. You...


Uh-oh! You accidentally RSVP’d to two events on the same night! You...


Your parents have been gone all day and left you with a list of chores to do. You don’t remember what they asked you to do, so you…


Yikes! The biggest bio test of the year is tomorrow. What time did you go to bed the night before?


Ugh, you woke up this morning with a sore throat and stuffy nose. How do you spend your sick day?


It’s finally the weekend! How do you spend your days off from school!