Quiz - Which celeb should be at your dinner table this Thanksgiving?


Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and as much as we love hanging out with our fam and distant relatives—have you ever thought about how much more fun it could be if our fave celeb was eating turkey with us too? Take this quiz to find out which celeb should be at *your* dinner table this Nov. 26.

Photo credit: Taylor Swift


Yikes! Your sisters birthday is tomorrow and you completely blanked. What last-minute gift do you grab?


What is your fave part about Thanksgiving?


You and your besties are doing a friendsgiving. What food do you bring?


It’s the night before Thanksgiving, what are you doing?


It’s Thanksgiving Day and your mom is seriously stressin’ about dinner. What do you do?


Ugh. You’re about to take family pics and you notice that you have gravy all over your shirt. What’s your next move?