Quiz - What winter fashion trend should you try?


The temperature’s dropping which means it’s time to switch up that wardrobe. Say goodbye to thin scarves and flimsy sweaters and hello to bulky jackets and knit hats. But cooler temps doesn’t always mean you have to sacrifice fashion—no matter what your style, find the perfect fashion trend to rock this winter. Pick a staple piece and you’ll be heating up the school hallway in no time.


It’s Saturday afternoon—how are you spending your time?


I’d be the happiest girl in the world if … asked me on a date.


You’ve been beyond stressed about your grades and proving to your parents that you’re responsible enough to get your learner’s permit. How do you blow off some steam?


What do you wear on your movie date with the hottie from History class?


You’re picking your elective for next quarter. What do you choose?


The pattern you wear most is…