Quiz - What summer hair trend should you try out?

You’ve planned out your perfect summer; a beach trip with your BFFs, endless movie marathons with your summer fling, and even a sweet summer job babysitting. But what summer isn’t complete without a perfect summer ‘do to go with those incredible plans? Take this quiz and find out what hair trend you need to be rocking to complete this stellar summer!

After a long day of hiking with your BF, you catch yourself in the mirror. Even after hours of sun and sweat, you're still lovin'...


After a much needed vent session with your besties, you find out your friends are super jeal of your…


You're combing your the magazine at your local bookstore. Which covergirl's magazine are you reaching for?


Whether you're heading to the mall or on a date with your BF, you never leave the house without your...


Sure, you've got posters of every r5 member all over your room, but your favorite Lynch bro would definitely be...


The hot summer weather has you craving something sweet. You open the freezer and pull out some...


Your mani-pedi is super chipped and needs an overall. What nail polish has been your go-to this summer?