Quiz - Are you a fairy?


Pssst...could you secretly be a fairy? Are you friendly, fun and fierce? Or, maybe you totally relate to another magical and mystical creature—like a sweet and wise owl. You’ve got an enchanted energy…now find out what it is! Take this Vinetrope-inspired quiz to learn which magical character *you* relate to the most. First, dive into the Vinetrope world below. Then, take the quiz and find out how you can win a $500 Amazon giftcard, a chance to name an evil character in the next novel—and so much more.


In The Vinetrope Adventures: Book One, Return of the Vinetropes by Sherry L. Ross, the wee folk have returned. But they’re called vinetropes—not fairies. When Sara discovers Lucinda—born wise, full-grown and with astounding powers, but all alone—the two protagonists begin a quest to discover if other vinetropes still exist. But the return of Vinetrope Nation, a highly developed ancient civilization, might also mean the return of evil. Along with a few fantastic friends, they set out on a mystifying journey to save the world. Sara and Lucinda form an immediate bestie bond upon their first encounter. And when this perf pair sets out on a magical adventure together, their crew soon expands to include sweet squirrels, wise owls and many more magical friends.



The question is…which one of these mystical creatures are you? Take the quiz below, then enter the contest for your chance to win a $500 gift Amazon gift card, name an evil character in the next novel, score a mysterious and magical swag bag filled with Vinetrope goodies (like a journal, pretty pendant, fairy figurine)...and so much more! CONTEST CLOSED. Congrats to Allison for coming up with the winning Chargon name, Sliwarin. CLICK HERE to see the winners list. Thanks to all who entered a name!




Also: CLICK HERE to get more details on the book (including where to buy your copy!).



What’s your favorite thing to do?


Who do you spend the most time with?


A new student just joined your grade! What do you do?


Describe yourself in one word.


What scares you the most?


When you’re away from home, you…


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