Quiz - Which Darkest Minds power do you possess?

After a disease rips through America in Alexandra Bracken’s best-selling novel The Darkest Minds, the majority of the country’s children didn’t survive—but those who did suddenly possess incredible powers.

Ruby can read (and erase) anyone’s mind with just a touch, Liam and Chubs are telekinetic and Zu can control electricity. But instead of being revered for their awe-inspiring abilities, they’re feared and hunted. Five years into the future in the fifth installment of the series, The Darkest Legacy finds Zu fearlessly leading them all.

But before you join her quest for reckoning, it’s time to find out: What are you capable of?


Take the quiz, then CLICK HERE to find The Darkest Legacy online and in bookstores everywhere beginning July 31. (And, pssst: Don't miss the film adaption of the series' first installment, The Darkest Minds, when it hits theaters on August 3!)


How would your friends describe you?


If you were driving Black Betty—the crew’s beloved van—what would you be listening to?


You have one chance to escape Camp Thurmond. How do you distract the Psi Special Forces soldiers?


Which one of these can you just not stand?


You’re ambushed by a skip-tracer (someone who hunts Psi kids) and you have to get away—fast. What’s the one thing you grab before you go?


How often do you keep secrets?