Are you too quick to judge?

Nobody’s a mind reader, so how can you expect to know why people do what they do? Do you write people off after one li'l mistake? Take the quiz to find out!

Can you handle pressure?

How do you handle the heat? Take this quiz to find out!

Which Mean Girls quote is so your life?

It’s been 10 years since Mean Girls hit theaters. How fetch is that?!

Do you give good advice?

You're there, you listen, but, can you help?

Are you the real you?

Do you mold yourself to fit in—or do you so not care what people think?

What kind of winner are you?

Whether it’s leading from the start or comin’ up from behind, everyone has a power play that can help them grab gold. Which strategy is your best bet? Take this quiz to find out!

Are you too grown up?

Are you missing out on some hysterical laughs and Kodak moments by trying to fill those high heels every second of every day? Or are you going for the Peter Pan strategy and still need to do some growing up? Find out!

Are you stuck in the clone zone?

You and your bestie are so much alike. But are you too much alike? Find out!

Who should you take to your spring dance?

Don't know who to ask to the big school dance? We got ya covered, girl!