Spring's Hot New Hair

We combed the runways to find the 10 cutest hair ideas worth trying. Read on for how-to-do something new for your ’do.…

Ballet Bun
Ballet-inspired buns get a fresh twist. Smooth back your hair, leaving a few pieces loose in the front. Twist into a bun at the nape of your neck. Need to keep your locks smooth? After showering, run anti-frizz serum throughout your towel-dried hair to keep the look perfect all day long.
Try it on...Shoulder-length medium-thick hair.
Hydrangea Hair Elastic, $3,

Bows Big & Small
Wanna make a trendy statement? First, ya gotta get a li’l bit crafty. Buy a yard of organza, then cut into three strips 2 1/2 inches wide and 2 1/2 feet long. Stack the strips, and tape middles together to hold in place. Make two bunny ears and cinch the knot, like you’re tying shoes. Pull ends to adjust the loops. Pin the big-time bow into a slick pony, and wear it with a sparkly dress and cute heels.
Try it on...Any type of medium-length hair.

Offray® Curvacious Ribbon, $5, 

For a slim bow, cut a yard of 1/8-inch wide ribbon. Hold the midpoint at the nape of your neck, pull up lengths and tie a bow on the top of your head. Pull ends so bow gets smaller. Longer ribbons are more dramatic, but cropped bows look cute, too!
Try it on...Straight or relaxed long hair.

Retro Headband
A wide plastic headband is retro-cool. Straighten persistent hair with a non-chemical relaxing cream. Use a wide-barrel curling iron to add big, bouncy curls. Insert the headband a few inches away from your forehead, letting front strands frame your face.
Try it On...Longer to medium-length hair that’s straight or wavy.

Double Play
Headbands and clips are twice as nice when you double them up. For a party-pretty look, sweep hair back and place two headbands near the front. Keep ’em close, so they won’t pop off.
Try it on...Any length or type of hair.
Casual Knit Headband, $4,
Gotta get going, like, now? Grab a pair of clips. Pull back the hair just above your ears, twisting it to create height. Use the first claw clip to grasp hair in place. Add the second clip right below it. Got a few extra seconds? A curling iron adds soft waves.
Try it on...Coarse, wavy, straight or curly hair that falls past the shoulders.
Skaffles Black Bun Claw Clip, $4,
Flowy, Bow-y Scarves
Scarves with floral prints or polka dots brighten spring looks. Wrap an extra-long scarf around your head with hair falling behind it. Tie a low bow to one side of your face. Some hair pins behind the ear keep it secure.
Try it on...Any length and type of hair, even ultra short locks!
Wrapped-up Buns
For a chic and springy ’do, rock a scarf-wrapped bun. Slick hair back into a ponytail, and twist into a bun. Wrap the scarf around the bun, and tie at the bottom, letting scarf ends hang down. Or, try a funkier hair accessory like we have here.
Try it on...Any hair type long enough to put in a bun.

Vamp it Up Fascinator, $18,
Tiny Pony
Tiny ponies are easy and chic. First, spritz damp hair with a heat protecting product. Dry hair, and finish with a straightening iron. Gather the front section of hair on the top of your head, securing with a teeny pony holder.
Try it on...All hair types. Great for girls who are growing out bangs!
FX Special Effects Flat Iron Spray, 2 for $5, 

Side Pony
This pretty style dresses up jeans and makes a flirty dress casual. After blow-drying, part hair to the left and pull back into a low, side bun. Secure with a pony holder (try a cool one like we have here!). Leave larger pieces out to frame the face and create a messy but classy look. To add texture to the front use a texturizing spray or wax. For total control, crisscross bobby pins to secure loose strands.

Try it on...Long locks and curly-haired chicas!
Frilled Floret Pony, $10, 
Loose Curls
To score spring’s flowing tresses, use a large-barrel curling iron, like this one from FHI Heat. The trick? Hold the curling iron straight up and twirl hair around it. Hold for a few seconds, then release. To keep the look more Golden Globes than Goldilocks, flip your head over and shake the curls to loosen ’em up.
Try it on...Any length hair with some wave. It can be tough to coax curls into super-straight hair.
FHI Heat Curling Iron, $135, 
Deep Part
Stumped with what to do now that your sideswept bangs are a little longer? Part your hair low on one side. “Use a little hairspray or bit of pomade on the part. You don’t want to make it look greasy,” says Tami Jensen, who styles celebs like Zooey Deschanel at the Privé Salon in L.A. Brush your hair into a pony, secure with an elastic and finish with hairspray. “Heavy parts work well with a low ponytail or a messy bun. It’s a glam look.” Add bobby pins for extra flair.
Try it on...Straight or relaxed hair that’s long enough for a pony.
Beaded Flower Bobby Pins, $3,
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-Katie Abbondanza, Jan F. Lee and Andrea Thompson

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by Katie Abbondanza, Jan F. Lee and Andrea Thompson | 2/1/2016
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