Three Quick Hair Fixes

Craving a new ’do for spring? These simple swaps will make your strands look sizzlin’.

Our fresh faves are so easy, you’ll be able to jet outta the house with hot hair for school—even when you're in a hurry.
How perfect!

Nab a New Part

Consider swapping your part for a super-fast way to change up your look. If you’ve been wearing an off-center part for ages, try going straight down the middle for once. It’s a look that’s always crazy-classic, and simple to do. It looks '70s-cool with ultra-straight tresses. Or, leave hair wavy for a boho vibe.

So over your center part? Use a comb to create a deep side part. Then, sweep hair back into a low pony or loose braid. Instant update.

Top Knot

Buns have been all over the red carpet lately, but they aren’t exactly the tiny twists from ballet class. Right now, we’re diggin’ knots that are a li’l more tousled and teased than usual. Here’s how to get a super-wearable updo that’ll work anytime!

Start with dry hair. Use a brush to lightly back comb some of the strands in the front of your head (nothing too dramatic or you’ll veer into Snooki territory). Then, smooth hair into a medium hair pony and secure with an elastic. Twist hair around the elastic and pin strands in place. Finish with hairspray. Oh and, P.S., don’t stress if it isn’t perfect—part of the appeal of this bun is the slight undone look.

Show Off Your Wild Side

Girls with curls are always looking for way to tame their tresses. Guess what? Now ya don’t have to! Hair with tonsa texture is making a comeback. Instead of wrangling the ringlets into stick-straight strands, embrace your hair’s unique vibe.


by Megan Parker | 2/1/2016
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