Spring's Hottest Headgear

The fashion world’s gone positively mad for hats this season, which means you don’t have to fret about less-than-amazing hair days. If you wake up with a ‘do that’s more “oh boy” than bedhead-fab, tuck those tresses under a fun topper and step out into the sun.

Here are five faves that won’t let your locks down!

Don’t wait ‘til summer to bust out a major straw number. A floppy hat looks cool with long sundresses. Perf for strolling around the park on a Saturday afternoon.

Seaside Hat, $28,

OK, we cheated. This band isn’t exactly a hat, but trendy turbans are way fun for weekend styles. Fab for chicas who crave something funky, and totally unique.
Twisted Turban Headband, $10,
Totally sporty? Pull hair into a low pony and plop on a galactic-girl trucker hat. It’ll keep the sun off your face while you’re skating or running around. Universally amazing.

A cool cloche is the best-ever chapeau for girls who are obsessed with braids. It’ll sit atop your tresses and let that sweet twist or side pony shine.

Pins and Needles Straw Cloche with Bow, $28,

Girls who love laid-back, bohemian waves will dig this feminine fedora. The braided floral band makes it look like a DIY darling. Groovy!


by Katie Abbondanza | 2/1/2016