Yay! Gorgeous Weekend Hair

Whether you’re hittin’ your BFF’s bday bash or goin’ to the mall for major shopping, don’t spend a sec stressing about what to do with those tresses.

We’ve got three ways to sport laid-back locks in zero time. Woo hoo for new ‘dos!

If you’re shopping by day and rockin’ concerts by night…
We’re digging skinny headbands that are a little tough and a pinch glam. They add a dash of sass, and can be worn over hair that’s down ‘n’ straight or wavy beyond words.

Part your straight hair down the middle and slip a headband on, just behind your hairline. Pair it with a floral dress and a motorcycle jacket for some pretty edge. Easy, no?

If you’re catching pop flies at your bro’s ball game or chillin’ at a picnic…
Sitting in the sun all day can be oh-so hot. Avoid parting your hair or risk some serious scorching. Instead, use a brush to sweep hair into a super-high pony. Secure it with an elastic. Then, twist hair into a loose bun. Use another elastic to keep it in place.
The cool part about this ‘do? It secretly looks pretty with laid-back threads. Bring on the worn-in cut-offs and sporty tees. Add slightly girly shoes (think: ballerina flats) to pull it all together.

If you’re hitting a party with your besties or a not-so-dressy dance…
Just when we thought we’d seen hair braided in every way possible, Mary-Kate Olsen stepped out with a sizzlin’ new take on these twists. It’s one part milkmaid braid and one part beachy wave.

Coax damp hair into loose waves (if your hair is pin-straight, sleep with your hair in braids the night before) and dab on some beachy hair balm. Our classic pick? Kusco Murphy’s Beach Hair ($14, Let locks air dry or blow dry them with a diffuser.

Then, take a 2-inch section of strands from right above one ear. Braid it very loosely and secure with a tiny clear elastic. Then, stretch the braid across your hairline (where your hair and forehead meet) and pin it by your other ear. Yep, it’ll make a cool crown. Hit with hairspray and you’re done. Keep the rest of your locks down and loose.


by Katie Abbondanza | 2/1/2016