4 of falls fave makeup hues

Gather around, girlies, ‘tis the season for deep colors and rich natural shades. Spring and summer have their big players, of course, but they don’t do bold quite like fall does. Now’s the perfect time to switch out last year’s faves with some new, modern hues.

Luxe Lids

You know all of those eyeliner colors that border on bold that you never have the guts to try? That ends now. Go glam with a colored liner on your upper and lower lids in our fall favorite, a fresh plummy pencil.
Boots No7 Amazing Eyes Pencil in Aubergine, $7,

Bright Blush
Step aside, peach and coral. This season is all about those notice-me rouges. To stick with a subtler version, go for a more delicate hot magenta (adorbs on skin of the paler variety,) or go all-out with a burgundy (great choice for darker skinned gals.) For those with skin in-between, try deep orangey-pink shades.

Physician’s Formula Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls Blush, $11,

Neutral Lips

Sure, it seems so simple. But neutral lips make all other colors seem so much more striking. That blush we just mentioned? Pair it with a dull pink lip and watch it really glow.

Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick, $7,

Jewel Tones

This fall, bold, complementary colors are a must. Even better are the deep jewel shades that really make your peepers pop, like an amethyst-purple or a sapphire-blue. Not sure which shadow will flatter you? Green-eyed gals should generally go for the purples. Blue-eyed babes should try trusty warm oranges. Hazel eyes get those sunshine shades and darker browns’ best bet are greens or bronzes.

HiP Studio Secrets Professional Bright Shadow Duos in Sassy, $8,

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by Jordan Sarnovsky | 2/1/2016