Your ultimate summer beauty survival guide

We’ve all been there. That embarrassing moment when you’re talking to a crush and you notice major sweat stains under your armpits. Or that time when you had to skip out on a pool date with your BFFs because Aunt Flo came to visit. No more! We’ve put together a list of solutions to save you from your biggest summer beauty emergencies.
Emergency #1: How can I be mellow when my armpits are yellow?
Believe it or not, pit stains aren’t caused only by sweat (who knew?). Instead, your deodorant could be the culprit for your embarrassing pits. The chemicals in sweat react with the salts in your deodorant creating a gross, yellow stain (yuck!). What’s our tip? More is not always better! Try applying a thin layer of deodorant and waiting until your deodorant completely dries before putting on any clothes (wave your arms around if you have to!). If you already have a heap of clothes with yellow stains that won’t come off, try placing a cotton pad soaked in diluted rubbing alcohol onto the stain or pre-treat the clothes with liquid detergent/pre-spotter before putting it into the wash.
Emergency #2: Period in the pool? Not cool.
This monthly fiasco shouldn’t stop you from putting on your fave bikini and lounging poolside! Wear a sport tampon and you’re safe to swim all day. Don’t use a menstrual pad though. The pad will get wet and soggy making the pad less absorbent and causing the blood on the pad to leak into the pool water (ew!).

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Emergency #3: My face is melting! 
With the weather this nice, we should all be spending it out in the sunshine. But melting foundations and raccoon eyes can have us sitting inside instead of soaking up some Vitamin D. We’ve got a few tips for preventing your makeup from slipping and sliding all over your face.
Tip #1:  Before applying makeup, use a toner to remove excess oil sitting on top of your skin.
Tip #2: Make sure to prep your face with a primer before applying foundation.
Tip #3: Use a tinted moisturizer/BB cream or thin out your foundation with a wet blending sponge. Better yet, skip foundation completely and opt for just a concealer and highlighter. During the summer, it’s best to look natural, healthy and fresh-faced. You’ll be glowing!
Tip #4: Afterwards, use a setting powder/setting spray to keep your skin picture perfect throughout the hottest of days.
Tip #5: Complete your look with waterproof products, such as Maybelline’s Great Lash Waterproof Mascara.

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Emergency #4: I flip my greasy hair back and forth.
The biggest reason people get oily roots is from touching their hair. Try to avoid primping, fixing and rearranging those lovely locks if you want to avoid oiliness later! How do we get rid of oil? Some people swear by baby powder, but if you have dark hair, try using a dry shampoo instead to avoid looking like you’re drowning in dandruff. For those of you with generally oily hair, try an acidic rinse after your daily shampoo (one lemon squeezed into one cup of water). If all else fails, just put on a cute headband to disguise greasiness until you have a chance to shampoo!   

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Emergency #6: It smells like my body up in here!
Heavy perfume can be overwhelming for these summer months. So how do we get rid of body odor? The reason for body odor is the accumulation of bacteria in the moist nook and crannies of your body (like your armpits!). While cleaning daily is the obvious solution, also make sure to manage your wardrobe by keeping closet areas dry (try a closet dehumidifier). Also, since bacteria love moisture, make sure to get snuggie with your towel right after you jump out of the shower.

Emergency #7: I’m peeling like a banana!

Is your skin peeling off in sheets after a sun session? Stop picking at it! You might end up with unattractive scars. Instead, trim with scissors if the skin is hanging off. Otherwise, don’t touch! Also, make sure to take cold showers instead of hot ones until your skin is back to looking gorge.

Emergency #8: OMG. I cut myself while shaving.

Well we’ve all had this happen one time or another. After a battle with our razor, we’re covered in nicks and scrapes. To prevent cuts in the future, prepare your skin for shaving by soaking the area in warm water and using lots of cream or gel. If you already have a boo-boo and you don’t want to wear a band-aid, treat the wound with soap and water then apply chapstick to the wound to stop the bleeding.

Emergency #9: Oops, I didn’t shave again.

You head out to a sunny destination when you realize that you’ve forgotten to shave! To avoid this mishap in the future, tuck a razor with a built-in shave bar into your beach tote (Try Gillette Venus Breeze Razor). This 2-in-1 product makes it easy for you to shave wherever you go!
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Do you girls have any summer emergency tips you’d like to share with us? Let us know!

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by Jane Cha | 2/1/2016