You asked for it--the bronzer, blush and lippie for your skin tone!

It can be tough to match your makeup perfectly to your skin tone, but it’s helpful to know what to avoid and what tends to typically work for your hue. There are tons of different shades of skin tone, but the standard tones we are focusing on are fair, medium, olive and dark. See what works best for you!


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  • 1skintone.jpg

    Skin tone: Fair

    Bronzer: Look for the very lightest shades of bronzer. You don’t want to apply a bronzer that is too dark and risk having your face be an entirely different color than the rest of your body!

    Blush: Fair skin tones look pretty with light shades of pink. Anything too harsh or bold can turn out looking like way too much makeup. Keep it light and simple.

    The Lips: It’s good to match your lips with your blush to keep things consistent and coordinated. Try a pale pink lippie to match those slightly rosy cheeks.

    Pink Chiffon Creamy Lipstick, $9,

    Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Sunlight, $5,

    Powder Blush in Good Girl, $14,

  • 2skintone.jpg

    Skin tone: Medium

    Bronzer: Find a bronzer that matches your skin tone and adds a little more color. Orange-ish undertones make this bronzer a great choice for a very natural look.

    Blush: Coral or peach is the way to go. It’s not too light and it’s not too dark of a pink that’s could double for stage makeup. Eek!

    The Lips: A coral lip looks great with a medium skin tone, especially if you’re going for a more subtle and natural look.

    Colour Pro Powder Blush, Peach Glow, $25,

    Pink Coral Butter Lipstick, $6,

    N.Y.C. Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder Sunny, $3,

  • 3skintone.jpg

    Skin Tone: Olive

    Bronzer: Choose darker shades of bronzer that can blend into your skin tone. Just make sure your face color shade blends well with your neck and décolletage, too.

    Blush: Olive tones can get away with a bolder blush. Colors like lilac, violet and berry are good choices for you. Avoid the light pinks because they may end up making your face look powdery instead of natural and smooth.

    The Lips: A bold berry lip is great on olive skin tones. Purples work great on all skin tones but they work well with olive because of the yellow undertones in your skin. Psst: Purple and yellow are complementary colors.

    L’Oreal Colour Riche Balm, $6,

    Hot Pink Cream Blush, $7,

    Hard Candy So Baked Bronzer, $9,

  • 4skintone.jpg

    Skin tone: Dark

    Bronzer: Look for bronzers that have the word “golden” or “medium.” These are warm dark brown tones that will match well with your skin tone and give that extra glow you want.

    Blush: Skip the blush and go for a highlighter instead. Highlighter is great because it can really enhance your cheekbones and redefines the shape of your face.

    The Lips: Red gives a lot of punch and stands out well with a dark skin tone. Stay away from light shades of pink and go for the bold instead!

    L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick Raspberry Rush, $6,

    e.l.f. Studio Baked Highlighter, $3,

    CoverGirl Lasting Matte Pressed Powder, $8,

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by Krista Stucchio | 2/1/2016