Summer hair bummers--busted!

Scorching temps and tonsa pool time doesn’t have to mean three months of meh strands. Our tricks will fix everything from greasy strands to (gulp) green locks, making your mane hotter than ever. 

Tress Tragedy #1: I’m freaking over frizz.

Hair tends to go haywire in the humidity, but you can still land sleekness in time for dinner. Start with a shampoo and conditioning duo designed to beat the frizzies, then prep strands with a dime-sized amount of smoothing cream before you dry (your hair will heart L’Oreal Paris Eversleek Humidity Defying Leave-In Crème, $9, drugstores). If you’re gonna blow out your mane, technique is key: Aim the nozzle so air moves down the shaft toward ends only—never, ever up—and finish with a cool blast on each section to seal the cuticle with smoothness.

Strand SOS: If frizz is still fierce, your brush could be to blame— using it on dry hair can cause strands to puff up. Instead, use a comb to tame tangles when hair is still wet, apply a bit of product to ends and then let hair dry naturally.

Tress Tragedy #2: My tresses are dry as the desert.

Sun, sand, surf—all the best things about the sunny season also happen to wreak havoc on your hair. Here’s how to deal with the dryness: Add a once-a-week deep conditioning treatment to your routine, says celeb stylist Julia Papworth. Seek out a formula with vitamins and proteins for maximum hair health (we like Alba Botanical Hawaiian Deep Conditioning Minute Masque in So Smooth Gardenia, $9, Whole Foods). After you apply, pop on a shower cap and let conditioner soak in for at least 15 minutes. Rinse like crazy, and then your hair air dry.

Strand SOS: Need even more tress TLC? Try an overnight treatment. Apply your masque to towel-dried hair on the ends only then comb through to distribute evenly. Cover with a shower cap and head scarf then hit the sheets. Rinse out in the a.m.

Tress Tragedy #3: All this swimming is making my hair brassy.

Blondies have been griping about greenness since the advent of the in-ground. No matter your hair color, prevent damage and awk hues by wetting your hair in the shower before diving into the pool or ocean. Your hair can only absorb so much moisture, Julia says, so if it’s already soaked with clean H2O, less chlorine and salt water can seep in. Shower off again as soon as you step out.

Strand SOS: Fair-haired hunnies should shampoo and condition right after every dip. And if you’re a serial swimmer, hit up the salon once each season for a professional cleansing treatment to get all the gunk out. 

Tress Tragedy #4: My locks look lackluster.

Whether your hair’s pretty hue is au naturel or gets a little help, covering up is key to keeping it bright and vibrant all summer long. Grab a few hats and work them into your wardrobe on the daily—your skin, scalp and strands will all thank you.

Strand SOS: Use a color-enhancing shampoo weekly to keep color fresh. John Frieda has a line with brightening products for almost every shade—try Brilliant Brunette, Sheer Blonde or Radiant Red (each shampoo around $6, drugstores). 

Tress Tragedy #5: Could my hair be any greasier?

Between standard summer sweatiness and the sebum produced by hormones, ‘tis the season for too-slick strands. But nix the urge to wash and repeat—too much cleansing can cause your scalp to produce even more oil. Instead, stretch time between suds with Julia’s brilliant technique for dry shampoo: Instead of just spritzing it everywhere like you used to, pull your hair into an even part and spray a light mist down that line, then muss with fingers. Move over an inch and create another part, repeating the process until you’ve hit most of the trouble spots. Try shampooing only every other day, and stretch it out even longer if ya can. Greasiness gone!

Strand SOS: Serious slickness could be caused by product build-up. Post-wash, make sure to rinse hair completely with cool water. Still sticky? Try a clarifying shampoo (we like Redken Hair Cleansing Cream, $25,


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by Kelsey Haywood | 2/1/2016