Our 20 all-time fave hair heroes and how to get their styles


Your hair is totally your best accessory: A great ’do can make or break any outfit. So if you’re looking for this summer’s hottest styles, you've come to the right place. We’re breaking down our 20 hair heroes’ signature styles for you to nail at home all on your own!


Bella’s bangs

Begin by washing and drying your hair, starting at the roots then working your way down. Apply heat protection spray before sectioning your into three layers. Starting with one layer, take small sections and begin straightening an inch away from your roots. Continue until you reach your bangs. For your bangs, continue to take small sections but bend just slightly at the ends.

Zendaya's stunningly sleek strands

For this smooth look, begin by using a frizz-free shampoo and conditioner. Then blow dry your hair with a flat paddle brush in a downward motion towards your shoulders and apply your favorite heat protection spray. Begin straightening two-inch sections, without going over the same section more than three times. Once finished, set your style with a smoothing cream.

Taylor Swift's signature curls

For Taylor's adorbs look, start with your normal wash and condition routine and comb out any knots with a wide-toothed comb. While blow-drying, finger-comb hair to keep some natural texture. Once your hair is dry, section it off and spritz with hairspray. Last step: Wrap a section of hair around the barrel of a ¾” curling iron and leave it for no more than 10 seconds. Continue until all sections are curled.

Victoria Justice’s gorge lob

To get Vic’s look, use a frizz-free spray and a ceramic straightener. Make sure to hold the iron perpendicular to hair while doing this. Finger-comb to achieve a natural piece-y texture.

Ashley Benson's soft waves

Starting with air-dried hair, take small sections at the nape of neck and wrap them around a 2-inch curling iron. Curl at the middle of the hair leaving some pieces straight at the end, and curling others fully for a more natural, effortless look. Use this technique all over and be sure to curl away from your face for this super touchable style.

Selena Gomez’s no-heat curls

Start with clean, dry, combed and sectioned hair. For each section use your fingers to tightly twist strands into a section as thick as your middle finger. Pin each strand up with hair clips and get a good night’s rest. In the morning, take down your strands very slowly and spritz with hairspray for this deep wave look.

Shailene Woodley's short & chic

Try slicking your pixie back for this gorgeous style. With your hair wet, use a wide-toothed comb to comb it all back. Then, take a small amount of hair gel and comb your hair away from your face. This look is perf for a formal occasion. Don't forget the hairspray!

Emma Stone's super cute up-do

To get this stunning look, apply a de-frizzing serum to damp hair. Began blow-drying hair on low heat with a round brush, wrapping bangs around the brush to give them an extra lift. Pull your hair back, excluding your bangs, into a bun and secure with bobby pins. Mist your bun with anti-frizz hairspray to tame and poof! You’re glamorous.

Abigail Breslin's sassy side

Begin with clean, towel-dried hair. Sweep your hair to one side and begin blow-drying in a downward angle using a rounded brush. Hit your strands with some hairspray and begin curling 1-inch-wide sections both towards and away from your face. Slightly bend your bangs with a flat iron and take your fave hair oil, rub your hands together and begin separating your hair for the “undone” effect.

Ariana Grande's half-up ’do

To achieve Ariana’s classic cute look, start with day-old hair. Split the top of your hair from the bottom and smooth your strands to make sure there aren't any flyaways. Then, tie the top half of your hair into a ponytail and spray with heat-protection spray. Begin curling the bottom half and ponytail with a 1/4” curling iron and finger-comb for a softer look.

Chloe Moretz's soft waves

For these gorgeous soft waves, begin by creating a middle part on wet hair. Start drying your hair smoothly with a large rounded brush. Next, curl your hair away from your face, in medium sections using a 1 ½-inch curling iron. Finish the look by working through your hair with a little shine oil.

Elle Fanning's effortless strands

Get Elle's effortlessly beautiful straight hair without any heat! Start with towel dried and sectioned hair. Begin putting 2-inch round Velcro hair rollers in and clipping them. Allow 1-2 hours to dry. Once dry, mist with hairspray.

Troian Bellisario's big beauty

For those big, loose curls, wash and condition your hair the night before. Once dry, brush any knots or tangles out. Spray your hair with heat protectant and layer hair into 3 sections. Begin curling your sections with a 1 ½-inch curling iron at the middle to end of your hair for 10 seconds. For extra volume and hold, apply mousse while scrunching your hair upward.

Jennifer Lawrence’s perfect pixie

For this perfectly spiked pixie, use your fingers to brush your bangs to the side and rough them up with your hands as you blow dry. When hair is dry, grab your favorite pomade or wax and pinch the ends of your bangs and sideburns to create a pointed look.

Rita Ora's Hollywood curls

For Rita's signature you don't need much. Begin by parting your hair into four sections. Apply your best styling cream without the yucky sticky residue. Then begin curling hair using a 1” curling iron or wand being sure to leave the ends out to be stretched later. Once finished, flip your head upside down and apply a dime-sized amount of the styling cream to your curls while running your fingers through it for volume.

Shay Mitchell's tousled glam

For this easy tousled look, start with washed and conditioned frizz-free hair. Wrap hair in a towel turban and say nighty-night to all of your friends. When you wake up, unwrap your dry strands and if they aren’t as wavy as you want, set your curling iron to a low heat and curl a few random pieces for more texture.

Debbie Ryan's curled half-do

Look as sweet as Debbie by sectioning the top of your hair, excluding your bangs, into a ponytail. Then, begin curling in large sections to create loose waves. Spray with texture spray, and cool off for a minute to let the curls set. Give your hair a quick fluff and head for the door.

I love Lucy (Hale's hair)

We love, love, love Lucy's ombréd, loose locks and we're here to show you how to get her look with any hair color. Start by ridding your hair of any kinks or knots. Take small sections and curl them away from your face at a 45-degree angle. Brush lightly, and put a dime-sized amount of oil in your hand and rub it through your hair. 

Emma Roberts’ day at the beach

Get Emma's beachy side-swept hair by washing with voluminous shampoo. While your hair is still damp, apply a texturizing lotion. Set your hair dryer to a medium setting, and give it a good blowout. Place a part on the side of your head and smooth out your bangs.

Vanessa Hudgens’ hippie child

Look hippie chic with second-day hair! Second-day hair works better for styling, and once you've brushed all of the tangles out you can get started. Apply heat protectant oil and begin taking large sections of hair and wrapping it around a 1 ¼” barrel for five seconds. Finger-comb and go.


by Bria Price | 2/1/2016
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