The 20 best nail polish colors of all time


We all love a great mani-pedi, but selecting the color that our nails will don for 2.5 weeks is a tricky task. Two minutes to pick a color before being whisked away to the pedicure chair doesn’t always give us enough time to make a wise decision. But lucky for you, we have rounded up our 20 favorite nail polish colors of all time to ensure that you’ll never go wrong when picking your polish.



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    Fun and fancy Fiji

    A simple, chic shade of pink that goes well with everything, Fiji is our classic, go-to color. You can never go wrong with Fiji on your fingers and toes. 

    Essie Fiji, $9,

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    Bring the heat

    Turn up the heat with our favorite shade of gray. Beloved by beauty editors, supermodels and suburban moms alike, Smokin' Hot will never go out of style. 

    Essie Smokin Hot, $9,

  • 3e.png

    Pink, please 

    For a pink that’s fun, flirty and fresh, we love OPI’s Pink Flamenco. Whether it’s your vacation pedicure or your homecoming manicure, you can rock this shade on any special occasion.

    OPI Pink Flamenco, $10,


  • 4e.png
    French Love Affair

    Nous aimons this sweet lilac shade from Essie. From the streets of Paris to the hallways of school, French Love Affair always has your nails looking trés magnifique.

    Essie French Love Affair, $9,

  • 5e.png

    Dark and daring

    Lincoln Park After Dark won our hearts with its glossy, near-black hue and will always be our color of choice when we decide to take our nails to the dark side.

    OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, $10,
  • 6e.png

    Pretty 'n' pink

    Pinking of You is a sweet, girly shade that’s fun, flirty and sophisticated all in one. We can always rely on this pink polish to make our tips look great.


    OPI Pinking of You, $10,

  • 7e.png

    Marshmallow Magic

    For a mani-pedi that’s pristine and crisp, we totally heart Essie’s Marshmallow. This white-hot polish is a summer fave. (And makes you look super tan, to boot).

    Essie Marshmallow, $9,

  • 8e.png


    Deborah Lippmann’s carefree coral is a total must-have for a summer mani. We love that it makes everything from your cutoffs to your sundresses look that much more chic.

    Deborah Lippmann Daytripper, $18,

  • 9e.png

    Ittsy bitsy, teeny weenie...

    Just a glance at this light blue polish on our fingers makes us feel like we are at the ocean. Essie’s Bikini So Teeny is the perfect way to do a fun blue nail without looking tacky.


    Essie Bikini So Teeny, $9,


  • 10e.png

    Blue oasis

    We absolutely adore this icy blue polish from Essie. Find Me An Oasis is the perfect shade to sport on your next getaway, whether it’s your backyard or the beach.

    Essie Find Me An Oasis, $9,

  • 11e.png

    High five-r

    If you’re dying to change up your polish, you can never go wrong with Butter London’s Fiver. This fun mint shade will have your nails looking bright and oh-so fresh.

    Butter London Fiver, $15,

  • 12e.png

    Living on the edge

    For a fun, poppy pink that has a darker tint, we always choose Essie’s No Boundaries. Gorgeous on all skintones.

    Essie No Boundaries, $9,


  • 13e.png

    Big Apple Red

    For a fab red mani, Big Apple Red is always our polish color of choice. You can never go wrong with this bright red hue.

    OPI Big Apple Red, $10,

  • 14e.png

    Deep blue diver

    OPI’s Russian Navy is classy, sophisticated and our favorite dark blue polish.

    OPI's Russian Navy, $10,


  • 15e.png

    Trouty mouth

    This peachy pink is the perfect summer shade. Butter London’s Trout Pout is lively, sweet and young all in one.


    Butter London Trout Pout, $15,

  • 16e.png

    You can have it all

    We are obsessed with this dark blue polish. Rolling in the Deep is guaranteed to add an edgy pop of color—navy is majorly chic.


    Deborah Lippmann Rolling in the Deep, $18,


  • 17e.png

    Play date

    This adorable purple polish is the perfect year-round shade. We love that it’s fun and young, yet totally tasteful.

    Essie Play Date, $9,

  • 18e.png

    Blink and...

    Your nails will look insta-great with this insta-dri nail polish from Sally Hansen. We totally heart this pretty pink shade—makes tips look uber polished in a jiffy.


    Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Pink Blink, $4,

  • 19e.png

    Chic Chick

    Created by world famous supermodel Kate Moss, Rimmel London’s Chic Chick is the ultimate neutral polish for you to rock everywhere.

    Rimmel London Salon Pro Chic Chick, $3,

  • 20e.png

    I know what boys like...

    This posh periwinkle polish leaves us feeling like the ultimage girl next door: a little bit tomboy, a little bit girly, but a whole lotta cute.  

    Deborah Lippmann I Know What Boys Like, $18,



by Jordan Stern | 2/1/2016