Master the #iwokeuplikethis: 4 rules for natural beauty


We know you’ve seen the hashtag #Iwokeuplikethis all over your Instagram feed. And whether you’re a fan of the #selfie trend or not, having a natural face lets people see you, and not your makeup. Our best tips for waking up naturally beautiful are below—#nofilter necessary!

Natural beauty rule #1: Keep skin clean and clear

Make sure to wash your face with a gentle face scrub when you wake up. This will help clear your face any leftover traces of makeup, dry skin and toxins that could lead to breakouts.


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Natural beauty rule #2: Mega-moisturize

After washing your face, make sure to use a lightweight facial lotion that’ll give your skin a glowing look without a greasy feel.


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Natural beauty rule #3: Wash your brushes

This may be surprising, but washing your make up applicators is essential to looking naturally beautiful everyday! Use baby shampoo to wash bronzer brushes, foundations brushes, sponges, blush brushes and eye shadow appliers once a month to keep them clean and fresh, and your face will be, too. When washing, rinse suds until there is no product left on brushes. Pat dry with a clean paper towel, and leave overnight to dry.


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Natural beauty rule #4: Make friends with bronzer

We won’t tell if you’re wearing a teensy bit of makeup in your #iwokeuplikethis shot—just make sure it’s a matte bronzer. When applied correctly, bronzer gives your face a hint of natural-looking color, even in the colder month. There’s nothing wrong with that! Find a matte product without any sheen or shimmer. Use a large round makeup brush to apply, and dot on in a circular motion around temples, cheekbones, jawline, nose and across the forehead. Use a tissue to lightly dab away any heavy spots. Also, don’t forget to blend down into your neck.


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by Georgia Milton | 2/1/2016