Hypoallergenic makeup products we heart


Sometimes it can seem as if every makeup product you try leaves ya with a blotchy rash or just plain weird reaction. And if you have super sensative skin, you know what we're talkin' about. That's why we're all for ditching the duds and splurging on some good ole' hypoallergenic makeup. From foundation to eyeshadow we've got the best products to cure all your sensitive skin woes.


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    This foundation is perf for those gals who are prone to acne or who just have really sensitive skin. We're lovin' it's vitamin A and and E packed tube that will help repair skin spots and give totally flawless coverage.

    Physician's Formula, Mineral Foundation, $9, 

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    Physician's formula does it again with this fabulous eco-friendly mascara. It's the ideal mascara for those earthy girls with highly sensitive eyes. It's 100% natch and does not test on animals. Save the world one Organic Wear Mascara at a time, ladies. 

    Physician's Formula Organic Wear Mascara, $10,

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    Eye Shadow

    Almay's I-Bold Nude Shadow Palette is perf for every eye color and sensitive skin type. Rock a smoky eye without the worry of getting itchy and irritated lids and gain tons' of compliments all night long.

    Almay Intense-I Bold Nude Shadows, $8, 

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    Your cat eyeliner wishes have just been answered. This NYX eyeliner pen is made with a tiny felt tip that'll make applying eyeliner a piece of cake (no, really). Plus, this baby is aninal cruelty fee, too! Thumbs up on that.

    NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker, $9, 

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    Looking for a natch lipgloss that won't leave your lips feeling chapped after the gloss is gone? Search your local drug store for E.l.f.'s Liquid Lip Color lipgloss, stat. Not only is this super pretty lipgloss hypoallergenic, but it's also only $2.00! Uh, Score.

    e.l.f. Luscious Liquid Lip Color, $2,

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    Start the new year off right with brushes that will help ya apply your makeup without irritation and have your skin feeling and looking AH-mazing. So where do you start? Invest in these Earth Therapeutic brushes (we swear by them). The smaller brush on the left is intended for applying face powder, and the sponge brush on the right can be used for applying liquid foundation. Pair this brush set with your new hypoallergenic makeup products for a super-pretty flawless finish.

    Earth Therapeutics PrecissoMakeup Brush Set, $12, 

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by Bridget Mallory | 2/1/2016