How to repair a broken nail with a tea bag


Breaking a freshly polished nail can be so annoying to say the least. If you painted your nails and one of them broke--don't panic! Luckily, there’s a super quick (and easy) solution. Just grab a tea bag, some nail tools and get ready to bring that pretty mani back to life in just 7 easy steps. 


What you’ll need: 

  • A tea bag
  • Nail glue or superglue
  • A nail buffer or file
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • Basecoat and/or topcoat


1. Cut out a piece of the tea bag large enough to cover the part of your nail that is broken.

2. Next, make sure you nail is clean by removing any excess dirt with polish remover, and washing your hands.

3. Apply the nail glue directly over the part of your nail that is broken.

4. Pick up the piece of the tea bag with tweezers, and carefully place it flat against your nail, over the glue. Then, wait for the glue to dry completely before doing anything else.

5. Using your nail buffer or file, begin filing the excess tea bag hanging off your nail.

6. Continue lightly filing the tea bag onto your nail, until it becomes completely smooth. Be cautious not to file down too hard, as to not rip the tea bag off your nail.

7. This last step is optional, but you can paint over the teabag with a basecoat to secure it to your nail once more. Then, you can paint over your nail with polish, followed by a topcoat.

So how did this work out for ya? Share in the comments below!  

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by Katherine Base | 2/1/2016