5 questions to ask your hairdresser ASAP


Bad haircuts are the worst. Walking out of the salon with butchered bangs or lackluster layers can make you never want to trust your tresses to a stranger again. But here’s the good news—you don’t have to! You can take control of your haircut. We’re not suggesting that you grab some scissors and head to the bathroom (unless that’s your thing), but you can def make sure that you get the cut you want. The key? Communication. Find a salon where the stylists are qualified and friendly, and come ready with questions. Here are the top five Qs to ask (before they start chopping) for the ‘do of your dreams. 

1. What type of hair do I have?

You might think you know the ins and outs of your luscious locks, but asking your stylist about hair types can be super helpful. They know hair better than anyone, so they can tell you the best way to care for your style.

2. I want this haircut- but will it work on me?

Let’s face it—not everyone can pull off Taylor Swift’s adorable bangs (even though we wish we could). Before you let your stylist go crazy, ask him or her if the haircut you want will work with your hair texture, face shape, and amount of effort you’re willing to put into your routine. We promise this question will save you from a cut you regret.

3. How do I style my hair without losing its natural texture?

Working with your natural hair texture can be frustrating when it doesn’t do exactly what you want. By asking your hairstylist how to style your kinky curls or stick-straight strands, you can learn a lot of helpful tips and healthier hair-care habits. Hint: It’s always a good idea to put down the heat products every once in a while.

4. With this haircut, will I have to take the time to style it every day?

A lot of people don’t think to ask this question - huge mistake. When asking for a specific haircut, make sure to ask if the style is a “wash and wear” ‘do (which requires little to no maintenance). If you’re okay with putting in work every morning to achieve a certain look, this probably won’t be an issue, but it’s always good to ask.

5. What products should I be using?

It’s easy to get caught up in all of the latest and greatest products with all of their yummy smells and pretty packaging. But by asking your stylist what products you need and will work best in your hair, you can save some serious cash and bathroom counter space. Using too many products can be just as bad as not using any- get the scoop and stick to what is essential for your unique locks.

Have you ever recieved a bad haircut? What are you always sure to ask your stylist? Let us know below.


by Brittany Goers | 2/17/2016
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