Trend to try: Soft waves, straight from the runway

This year, New York Fashion Week is all about the stripped-down, almost natural look. While there are a smattering of models rocking wild locks down the catwalk, the runway is dominated by gently waving, almost messy tresses (minus the frizz, of course). 

Basically, it's all about achieving the best version of your mane's texture. But just like how the "no makeup" look often involves some BB cream or a little concealer, we've got the tips to boost your hair's texture a teeny bit to rock what some stylish girls are calling "rich-girl hair."

Up for it? Check out some tips and tricks for a couture-worthy coif.

Keep it in the middle

The low-key volume comes from conjuring a mid-lock wave. Too high and you'll get too much volume, too low and you'll be rocking a beachy wave (cute, but not the same). The look is best achieved by holding the curling iron horizontally at the nape of your neck–but careful not to burn.

Hold on a second 

Seriously–a second! That's all the time you need to make this gentle wave with your curling iron. Create mid-length curls all over your head in different sized sections to make the style look effortless.

Matte matters

Shiny hair is awesome, but it's definitely not what these models are going for. Get the casual, windswept look with a texturizing spray or powder, and finish by running your fingers through your 'do. Voila–you're runway-ready.

What do you think of the "naked" look? Are you willing to give it a try, or would you rather just roll outta bed? Let us know in the comments!  

Image source: Byrdie


by Kimberly Uslin | 2/1/2016