Spice up your pony like a celeb

Summer weather + long hair = one seriously sweaty situation. But before you go chopping your luscious locks off with your little sister's craft scissors, consider sliding your strands into a chic pony. The classic style doesn't have to be boring or even sporty—take a hint from our faves in the gallery below.

Will you try out any of these styles? Let us know in the comments! 

  • pony1.png
    Selena’s piecey pony 

    The key to achieving Sel’s look is to keep it as relaxed as possible. Run your hair through a flat iron, tease for a little volume on top and pull out some face-framing pieces to keep it flirty and fierce.

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  • pony2.png
    Kendall’s chic n’ sleek pony

    A good, strong hairspray is going to be your BFF for Kendall’s look. Start with a middle part and pull your hair around to form a low pony, keeping the strands as slick as possible. Get it, girl!

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  • pony3.png
    Taylor’s carefree, curly pony 

    Now that Tay has short hair, she isn’t rocking this look as much as she used to—but you can still channel your #tbt Taylor by curling small sections with a curling wand and tossing your hair up in a loose pony. Super sweet.

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  • pony4.png
    Bella’s bubbly pony 

    There’s nothing better than a style that looks complicated but is really easy to do. To achieve Bella’s look, create a basic pony and tie off 1-inch sections using a clear elastic. It's fun, flirty and super stylish. 

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by Abigail Kullberg | 2/1/2016