Get Peyton-perfect skin with this coverup routine


It's a constant struggle—you want to cover up your blemishes, but piling on the makeup to get a flawless face only leads to more zits.Thankfully, the dermatologists and makeup artists of the world are here to help. Break the breakout cycle with this easy five-step routine.

Step 1: Moisturize 

The acne treatments you slather on to stop spots can be really drying...and putting makeup on dry skin is never a good look. To stay flake-free, apply an oil-free moisturizer before putting on makeup. It won’t clog your pores and helps to smooth out rough spots for more even foundation application.

Step 2: Prime

Shadow primer is typically used to make eye makeup pop and last longer, but—surprise!—it also works on zits. Use a sheer, matte shadow primer on your pimples to help coverup stay put. It will keep you covered way longer than traditional facial formulas.


Step 3: Powder 

Applying powder before adding concealer can help absorb some of the oil your skin produces in blemish-prone areas. Don't go crazy, though—a little bit will do the trick.

Step 4: Conceal 

Use a thin brush to apply your concealer and blend away. Be careful to blend around, rather than on top of, the spot to avoid added irritation. Bonus tip: Concealer with yellow or greenish undertones helps to mask redness.

Step 5: Finishing Touches 

Finish up with another thin layer of powder over the concealer and voila—it's almost like that zit was never there. Our little secret!

What's your go to concealer routine? How do you prevent breakouts? Let us know below!

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by Nehal Aggarwal | 2/1/2016
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