Got one zit that just won't quit? Here's why it keeps coming back (and how to deal)

To say that recurring zits are annoying is the understatement of the century. There’s nothing worse than having a huge pimple go away for a few days then pop right back up—and worse, it always seems to be right on the day of your Homecoming/first date/sweet sixteen. The good news? The universe isn't conspiring against you. There are definitive causes for that recurring blemish, meaning that you *can* prevent it from coming back. Read on...

Reason #1: You’re touching your face too much. 

It’s so, so important to refrain from touching your face during the day, especially if you have oily skin. Odds are, you're always resting your fingers in the same places on your face (like your chin or cheeks), which would explain why that area is particularly breakout-prone. Hands off.

Reason #2: You’re popping whiteheads.

Once a whitehead is popped, it’s easy for the pore to become inflamed, and that irritation is what causes another pimple to grow back in its place. We know it's hard to keep yourself from doing it, but popping is basically the enemy of nice skin. Try to resist the urge.

Reason #3: Hormones. Ugh.

During that time of the month, it’s super common for acne to form in the same spots. Since your face gets extra oily while you're PMSing, it’s best to use a salicylic acid cleanser the week before to prevent possible breakouts.

Reason #4: Your zit may not even be a zit.

Pimples that stay under the skin and never come to a head are called cysts, and they're one of the most commonly recurring forms of acne. Cysts develop when your pore doesn’t allow for oil to come to the surface of the skin, creating a balloon-like shape. Cystic acne is more serious and hard to prevent by yourself, so head to a dermatologist ASAP to clear things up.

 What's your pimple-prevention technique? Have you ever suffered from recurring acne? Let us know how you deal in the comments below.


by Abigail Kullberg | 2/1/2016
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