ALERT: Forget everything you thought you knew about washing your hair

Shampoo, rinse, condition, rinse. That's how we've been lathering our locks for...well, ever. But hold on to your hair, ladies—there's a new tress trend in town.

It's called "reverse hair washing," and it's exactly what it sounds like: condition, rinse, shampoo, rinse. Devotees of RHW swear by the practice, saying it not only adds nourishment to fine hair but can also add blowout-level volume without the expense of a trip to the salon. Amazing, right?

According to RHWers, the method can also help reduce and even prevent tangling and knotting in curly hair, coarse hair and highlighted locks, and all hair types will see shinier, glossier strands within a week.

The best part? No new products are necessary. This simple trick can be done using your typical daily shampoo and conditioner—just switch the order and you’re done.

Have you ever tried reverse hair washing? What's your craziest go-to hair move? Let us know!  

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by Samantha Subin | 2/1/2016