Facial oil 101: What it is, how to use it, and why we're obsessed

We know: Putting oil on your face sounds like the behavior of a crazy person—you're basically begging for a breakout, right? But bear with us! When used correctly, facial oil can be even better for your skin than traditional serums and moisturizers, leaving it softer, smoother and seriously hydrated (which we *need* in the upcoming winter months). Check it out...
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    If you have....acne-prone skin


    What to use: Tea tree oil.

    What it does: Acts as an antiseptic, clearing and preventing pimples and blackheads.


    How to use it: After cleansing skin with a gentle natural cleanser, put a few drops of tea tree oil on a cotton pad and dab all over face. Leave on overnight.

    The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil, $10,

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    If you have...sensitive skin

    What to use: Chamomile oil.

    What it does: Calms skin, reduces redness and soothes irritation.


    How to use it: Mix a small amount with coconut oil and rub into skin after a bath. Alternately, put a few drops on a hot towel and sit with it draped over your face until it becomes cool.

    iHerb Chamomile Oil, $8,

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    If you have...oily skin

    What to use: Lavender oil

    What it does: Helps to absorb bacteria and oils while soothing irritation.

    How to use it: Mix a small amount with your favorite carrier oil (we like olive or coconut) and water in a spray bottle to create a light, soothing face mist.

    Piping Rock Lavender Oil, $5,

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    If you have...dry skin

    What to use: Extra virgin olive oil.

    What it does: Hydrates very dry skin. 


    How to use it: Use in place of moisturizer at night. Can also be used as a cleanser—just rub in a circlular motion, then apply an astringent or other toner.

    Donostia Olive Oil, $11,

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    If you discoloration

    What to use: Avocado oil.

    What it does: Reduces redness and dark spots by brightening the skin with vitamin C. 

    How to use it: Use a small amount of avodaco oil in place of your daily moisturizer.

    Thrive Avocado Oil, $4,


by Emily Villiger | 2/1/2016
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