TREND ALERT: Kylie Jenner's new hair look is *everything*


Everybody loves flash tattoos, but what about hair tattoos?
Seriously, they're a thing, and they're totally Kylie-approved. The media babe Insta'ed herself with some glitzy tatted tresses the other day, and turns out they're easily accesible— Scunci is now selling 'em in silver and gold. The packs come in several pretty designs that you can choose from and are super easy to apply, just like a regular flash tat.

Apply it to your hair like you would any other temporary tattoo: Put the tattoo strip in place, wet it and peel the backing off. Party-perfect! (And if you totally hate it? Just wash it off.)

Will you pull a Kylie and rock the hair tat? Let us know below!


Hair tattoos, $5,

Photo credit: kyliepictures


by Jeanne Jarvis-Gibson | 2/1/2016