What type of hairbrush should you *really* be using?


Brushing your hair may seem basic, but if you're using the wrong one, your entire look could be in jeopardy. Read on to find the right tool for you...

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    Straight hair

    A wide-tooth comb eases out tangles without distributing oils and weighing hair down.

    Diane rake comb, $6,

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    Curly hair 

    Manage your wound-up mane with a double-toothed comb. The two rows keep curly locks from retangling and smooth everything out. 

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    Flat hair

    A round brush and a blowdryer are all you need to max out your mane. Serious, bouncy volume *can* be yours.

    Ceramic and ion hairbrush, $20,

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    Seriously tangled

    if your hair is birds' nest-like, you need a specifically crafted detangling brush. It's made to keep hair from breaking while you wrestle through the mess.

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by Alexa Matthews | 2/1/2016