Hit the scene in green with this beauty look


Matching your tints to your tips is the sweetest spring style, and going green this season is the key to staying fresh. Loved the alligator-green accents you spotted in our April/May 2016 issue? We've got even more takes on the vivid verdant look. Check 'em out.

Easy Evergreen


Eye: Keep this look simple with one solid green color on your top lid—make it pop with a thin black line near your top lashes, a brush of light brown at your lower lashes and a healthy dose of mascara.

Nail: Match your shades with a straight-forward coating. Make sure to use a nice top and base coat to set your color.

Very Fairy


Eye: Sweep a line of sparkly green along your lower lashes, and temper it with a nude shadow on top. Want an even more dramatic look? Leave your upper lid bare save for a swipe of black along your waterline.

Nail: Share the sparkles with your nails by throwing in one glittery accent nail amongst a sea of green. We love Essie's Golden Nuggets for the glam effect.

Emerald Isle


Eye: Pair a light green shadow with a darker matte liner winging out into a cateye on top and another swiped of your darker green liner on bottom. Keep it classic with black mascara on top, but spice things up with green mascara on bottom. (Hint: We love Smoky Lash in green.)

Nail: The subtle shine in this polish keeps your set pretty without being over the top.

Diva Doll


Eye: This dark green shimmery eyeliner (try Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Junkie) brings the drama in the best way. Stick with neutral beiges on top and a stronger green on bottom.

Nail: Tone down the shine with a matte nail. Any bottom coat will work as long as you finish it off with OPI Matte Top Coat.

Ombré Overview


Eye: For this smoky look, start with a light shimmer shadow for the inner corner of your eye, then blend with progressively darker shades of green until you hit the outer corner. Paint your waterline in black or dark green to pop.

Nail: Ombré nails don't have to be as hard as they look. To blend your polish like you blend your shadow, grab a small makeup sponge and paint your shades in straight, horizontal lines side-by-side. Dab the sponge—and the polish—directly onto your nail to create this expert effect, then cover in clear topcoat.

Will you be going green this spring? Which shamrock shade would you rock?

Photo credit: MAC Cosmetics


by Lyra Dautaj and Chelsea Duff | 3/12/2016