How to keep those pearly whites, white

A sparkling smile is key in making a great first impression, so discolored teeth are not the first thing you want someone to see when you smile. But because teeth become discolored over time, when you finally do notice they aren't looking as white and bright as they used to it can be too late to anything about it. Well, except for a teeth whitening remedy, but as they become more popular they become more expensive. That's why taking preventative measures to preserve your smile is so important. Here are some simple tips so that you don’t have to spend fortunes on keeping your pearly whites white.

1. Be a regular.
By this, we mean brush and floss on a daily basis (but, duh, you already knew this…). You should be brushing your teeth at least once, of course, but no more than 3 times a day. And yes, we know the deal with flossing. We always tell our dentists we do, when we don’t... whoops! Keeping your mouth clean and free of left-over food is key in fighting discoloration. Cap off your routine with your mouthwash of choice.

2. Don’t be scared of the dentist
Visiting the dentist on a regular basis for your cleanings is uber important. They may not be the most enjoyable appointments to attend, but they’re necessary if you want healthy, white teeth. When your dental hygienist cleans your teeth, he or she wipes away a lot of surface stains that you usually miss or can’t get rid of yourself. All those high-pitched, uncomfortable tools are good for something, ya know!

3. Avoid “staining” foods and drinks
No, we’re not saying to stop eating and drinking, silly. It’s obvious that all foods and drinks have somewhat of an effect on our teeth, but there are specific foods and drinks that you might want to consume in moderation such as coffee, colored juices or sports drinks, berries, candy and soda.

4. Straws are a must
With that being said, it’s a good idea to also use a straw no matter if what you're consuming is "good" or "bad" for your teeth. Straws make it so that colors won’t come in direct contact with the front of your teeth, so don’t be afraid to ask for them at restaurants.

5. Smoking is a no-no
We’re sure you’ve heard of this already in your health class (and from your mom, dad, grandmother, big sis, etc.), but smoking is one of the biggest factors in discolored teeth. Tobacco creates stains on your teeth that are nearly impossible to remove from brushing and, not only that, but it also leads to bad breath. Combined with all the other health risks, it’s just best to stay away from smoking altogether.

Will you try out any of these tips for whiter teeth?

Photo credit: Bailee Madison


by Kristina Lee | 3/22/2018
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