8 DIY beauty tricks to try this weekend


In a hurry, or out and about? These weird beauty hacks are easy to use—and seriously helpful. Here are a few tips you need to know for your next beauty emergency.

Use a toilet seat cover to blot oily skin.

You know those disposable toilet seat covers in public bathrooms? Well, they can work just as well as blotting paper for oily skin. While it may seem a little gross to put something sitting next to a public toilet on your face, the whole point is that they're sanitary (if you're still nervous, discard the first one and grab the one below). Use the tissue to blot away—it's the perfect quick fix for when you’re out and about on those sweaty summer days.

Exfoliate lips with a toothbrush

It’s easy and (hopefully) you have one already! To get silky smooth lips, brush your toothbrush in circular motions all over the outside of your mouth to get rid of dry or dead skin. Just make sure you do a good job of rinsing off your toothbrush after.

Use baby powder as dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo is an awesome fix for greasy hair, but most dry shampoos are made out of powders almost identical to baby powder. So if you don’t have your favorite dry shampoo lying around and you’re in need of a hair reboot, sprinkle some baby powder on your scalp to get the same effect. Rub it in well, and voila.

Stick your eyelash curler next to your straightener while it's heating up.

Or put it in between your thighs while you’re getting ready. An eyelash curler that is a little bit warmer will work way better than a room temperature one, making the curl curlier and helping it last longer. Be careful not to get it too, hot, though.

Dry hair with a t-shirt instead of a towel to avoid frizzy hair.

Frizzy and unruly hair is no fun, and it can get even worse in the hot and humid summer air. So instead of using a typical towel to dry your hair, take an old t-shirt through your locks the next time you shower. Towels can be rough and break your hair, making the frizz worse, but using a t-shirt will be gentle enough to keep your hair in tact. You can even put your hair through the neck hole, making it into a turban just like you would a normal towel.

Use a spoon to get perfect winged eyeliner.

Getting the perfect cat eye can take forever. If you haven’t gotten the hang of it yet, try using a spoon to get symmetrical wings. Hold the spoon with the handle facing the outer corner of your lid, and draw a line tracing the handle to create the lower half of your wing. Then place the bowl part of the spoon over your eye, lining it up with the line you already drew, and trace the rounded edge to create the top part of your wing. Fill in the outline of your wing and you’ve got the purrfect cat eye.

Put glue as a base coat for glitter nail polish to make the removal way easier.

Putting a quick coat of Elmer’s on your nails before applying glittery polish will work wonders. When you’re done with your glitter polish, it will just peel right off thanks to the glue base coat. So say goodbye to that annoyingly hard to get rid of glitter nail polish.

Save your dwindling mascara by putting it in a cup of hot water.

Heat up a cup of water and let your old mascara soak in it for three to five minutes. It will loosen up your mascara, reviving it and making it apply smoother and clump-free.

Do you have any DIY beauty hacks? Have you tried any of these tricks? Tell us how they worked in the comments below.


by Emmrick McCadden | 7/2/2016